Recognizable quality, recognizable brands

As a customer you want to be able to rely on the quality of our produce. As a company with 'Quality' in our name, we take this seriously. That quality is recognizable at a glance, thanks to the three own brands that we grow: Sensation, Magic and Eat Now

Our brands

Sensation: own brand for salads and vegetables

With our own Growers we supply 12 months of the year with optimal Quality product that deserves their own brand: Sensation. In its own packaging, with a recognizable appearance. For QPI, Sensation is the brand to give the 'Q' in our name extra meaning. Under the Sensation brand, buyers will not only find our salads and vegetable varieties, but also exotics.

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Magic, when premium is the benchmark

Do you want the certainty that there is only a premium product on the shelves? Choose Magic, Our own brand that QPI reserves for 'the best of the best'. The Magic range is recognizable at a glance: in the striking purple box. 'Magic' includes all tomato varieties in the QPI range.

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Eat Now; exotic fruits ready to eat in the store

Avocado and mango are quickly gaining ground in Western European kitchens. It is no coincidence: the process of placing the exotic fruits ready to eat in the shop has made consumers enthusiastic about it. You can also go to QPI for avocados and mangos that are ready to eat. It is even literally on the packaging, as a brand name for our own range: Eat Now

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